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Why SWEEPSHEET® beats the competition hands down!

   An average of 37 new sweepstakes in each issue with complete mail-in instructions, plus tips on what type of envelope to use, based on years of record-keeping to determine what works best with each judging agency.
   Issues are mailed, or displayed online, every two weeks.  This means you are not overwhelmed with newsletters coming at you every week or even every few days.  Your hobby should be relaxing, not stressful.
   Only national sweeps are included in the issue you receive in the mail.  You never have to pay for sweeps open only to readers in other states.  Your subscription package includes access to a restricted area of this website called "Patti's Hot Flash!." That is where you will find information on sweeps open to just your state.
   Sweeps that close before the upcoming issue are also found in the "Patti's Hot Flash!" area.  This is a restricted area limited to SWEEPSHEET® subscribers.
   On the front of each issue, read the winning tips of a different "fanatical" sweeper.  Each article is accompanied by a photo of the winner.  (Articles accepted from paid members only, and each article gets a 13 issue extension to their subscription.)
   Trivia answers; UPC#'s; and store locations all provided when needed on your entry (notified via the newsletter, voice mail, & at "Patti's Hot Flash!" which is a restricted area of this website for paid subscribers only.)
   Hints, tips, winner's page; club news; how to send for official entry forms when needed.  Truly "one-stop-shopping" for the serious and novice sweeper alike.
   Unparalleled in accuracy.  Each sweepstakes is proofread a minimum of four times to make sure all the information you need to enter correctly is included.
   Interact with the editor by sending an email to .  Patti Osterheld is online and very active with her readers.  She has attended several of the National Sweepstakes Conventions and has visited many sweepstakes clubs in their hometowns.
   Informative articles by the editor and her readers alike.  Learn the ins and outs of sweepstaking from the "pros."
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