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"After considerable testing of newsletters, we have found we are getting a pattern that shows more wins from SweepSheet® than any other newsletter.  (a 3:1 ratio) Also, your newsletter is published in a more timely manner, more accurate & lists a broader selection of sweeps."

"I have seen several bulletins, but none compare to the real SweepSheet®.  It is so readable, and you have just the information we need and like...not too little and not too much!"

"Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!  Why I haven't heard about your publication until just now is beyond me.  I wish I would have signed up for more than I did.  I will definitely be extending it.  Thanks so much for your help and quick response time.  Great customer service!!"

"I am so happy you provide such fast service.  I remain loyal to SweepSheet® because of the help, assistance, and extras you do for your members."

"I just wanted to write a note letting you know how much I enjoy SweepSheet®.  I had subscribed to another newsletter in the past, and SweepSheet® is by far better.  It has everything in an organized, easy-to-read format."

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to SS for really hitting home for me that I wasn't entering enough contests and the right way.  When I read there are over 800 new contests each month, I took a good look at what and how I enter and I was no where near doing the right thing.  It's been a slow year for me, but very excited to enter more online/texting/social media! David, FL

"Your SweepSheet® is the greatest!  Of all the newsletters I've seen, your format surpasses them all.  Your instructions are always so clear, and your helpful suggestions are appreciated."

"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Sweeps newsletter and to welcome you on board!  I had written you a few weeks ago when I was having some difficulty downloading my online copy of SweepSheet® and you responded immediately (I think it was in the wee early morning hours) and I was so impressed!  Not only that, but your humor and personableness have added an extra ingredient to SweepSheet®!  May I wish you continued success and thank you very much for providing so much enjoyment to all of us with our exciting and fun hobby!"

"Thank you for your honest and professional business.  Trust is difficult to achieve these days.  You are indeed a rarity.  God Bless you and all you do for your readers."

"You are right, it is business as usual.  You guys are doing a wonderful job with SweepSheet®.  More sweeps on the website than ever before!"

"The first time I saw your pic on the website, I could just feel your warmth and friendliness from your smile, before I ever read one written word."

"OKAY,OKAY ... I did it!  I ventured into the realm of the unknown.  A little apprehensive, a little adrenalized.  I was victorious!!  I now have All my sweeps bookmarked and categorized!!!! ... and after all the panic & sweat, found it was a piece of cake!!!  Thanks for edging me into a new and satisfying experience!!!  Maybe next I will change to the online version of SweepSheet®!"

"You have probably been told this more times than you can count, but you are going to hear it one more time.  You and your staff are doing as close to perfect as one can get, and I hope you will always keep on the same path."

"Thank you for all you do to keep solid such a great company that provides Excellent service May you continue to prosper.  Thank you also for the donations you contribute to the many conventions."

Too many sweeps ... too little time.  Love what you have done with the newsletter.

Social Networking sweepstakes are an excellent addition to SweepSheet®.  Thank You!!

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