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Thank you for giving the gift of SWEEPSHEET®!  Your credit card information has been approved and your order will be processed soon.  Please keep in mind that our customer service department processes orders during regular business hours on Monday through Friday, only.  If you order outside of business hours or towards the end of the business day, your order will be processed the next business day.  The person receiving your gift will be able to get into the website's Members Only area after your order has been processed.

Being a subscriber of SWEEPSHEET® means that your gift recipient will have access to thousands of sweepstakes with various methods of entry.  Please make sure they visit the Hot Flash section and the Restricted topic under Conversation Corner every day.  There they will find the most win-a-ble sweeps.

Please tell your gift recipient to set up a username and password on the Member Sign-In page if they are a new subscriber.  If they are a previous or current subscriber, they may use their existing username and password.

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