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Home State: Mississippi

How did you get started sweepstaking?
Some years prior to 2005, I subscribed to Contest Newsletter. I found it in the PCH mailouts we used to get. I won a few things but stopped entering when my ...   Read More

Christi Rechtsteiner


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SweepSheet Q & A

Members often ask questions via email or on Conversation Corner. Many times I feel the questions and answers would be great for all of our members to hear/see. I have included some of those below. This week I am focusing on questions about the Sweep Sheet website. I will have another Q&A Inbox with other questions posted in the near future.  Please reminder, we have a wonderful community who will answer any questions. Also, we are always happy to answer your questions via email at: customerservice@gmail.com . Emails will be answered faster than voice mails. Q: How can I change my passwo ...   Read More

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  • Hundreds of active sweepstakes to enter on our website with new sweepstakes being posted daily.  See our latest curated listings here!
  • Sweepstakes provided are reviewed by our staff to ensure accuracy and give you the best chance of winning.
  • We are available to you. We value our customers.

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"I am so happy you provide such fast service. I remain loyal to SweepSheet® because of the help, assistance, and extras you do for your members."


  • Members-only portal to mail-in, phone and website-based sweepstakes - Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Text Messaging, etc.
  • Member-only chat rooms.
  • Categorize or sort sweeps into your own lists
  • Includes sweepstakes restricted only to specific states.
  • Editor is hands on

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"Your SweepSheet® is the greatest! Of all the newsletters I've seen, your format surpasses them all. Your instructions are always so clear, and your helpful suggestions are appreciated."

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n 1990, SweepSheet® was founded with a simple mission - help our fellow sweepstakes enthusiasts win more!  Today, 34 years later, this mission remains.

At SweepSheet®, we have helped tens of thousands of our members win millions of prizes - literally more cars, trips, money, gift cards, houses than we can count!  We're finding dozens of new sweeps each day, paying special attention to capture the sweeps that give our members the best chances to win.

The keys to winning sweeps are dynamic.  They continue to evolve each day!  This is where we come in.  Our job is to stay on top of the best sweepstakes for you.  We find them, catalog them, and deliver them to you in an easy to manage fashion on the SweepSheet® platform.

Everything you need to organize your sweepstakes processes is here.  Create custom folders.  Highlight key prize types or sweeps types and much more.

Don't miss out on our community, either.  Conversation Corner brings thousands of people together daily to discuss strategies, share encouragement, wins and even more sweeps opportunities.

SweepSheet® has been the leading sweepstake resource for 34 years for a reason.

Give us a try.  We think you'll like what you see.

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August 1 - 4, 2024

Horseshoe Las Vegas (Formally the Bally's next to Paris Hotel on the strip)


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