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Patti's Hot Flash!
Regional and quick closing mail-in sweeps.
3302/19/2019   all-in-1

For Sneak Peeks subscribers only, containing online / mail-in sweepstakes to be printed in future issues of SWEEPSHEET®

Website Sweeps
Direct links to hundreds of online sweepstakes forms.
39302/19/2019   all-in-1
Appliances602/14/2019   all-in-1
Cars602/02/2019   all-in-1
Cash2002/18/2019   all-in-1
Electronics1302/15/2019   all-in-1
Jewelry502/15/2019   all-in-1
Miscellaneous10702/19/2019   all-in-1
Music1002/16/2019   all-in-1
Shopping Sprees4602/19/2019   all-in-1
Sports2602/15/2019   all-in-1
Trips15802/19/2019   all-in-1

Instant Wins
Online instant-win sweepstakes.
2002/18/2019   all-in-1

Restricted Sweeps
Special restrictions (age, location, etc.) sweepstakes.
11902/19/2019   all-in-1

Social Network Sweeps
Sweeps on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
2702/19/2019   all-in-1
Facebook1502/19/2019   all-in-1
Instagram1402/19/2019   all-in-1
Pinterest102/18/2019   all-in-1
Twitter1102/19/2019   all-in-1

Text Message Sweeps
Sweeps requiring a cell phone with text capabilities.
302/19/2019   all-in-1

Game Pieces & Official Entry Forms
Sweeps that require a game code, game piece or entry form to participate.
401/29/2019   all-in-1

Mail-In Sweeps
US Mail sweeps.
1502/13/2019   all-in-1

Skill Contests
These require a skill such as essay writing, photography, or cooking.
1702/18/2019   all-in-1

Magazine Sweeps
A listing of print magazines that have sweepstakes in their issues.
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Index of All Sweeps
A listing of all the sweeps printed in SWEEPSHEET®'s issue or online.

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