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i fellow sweepstakes enthusiasts!  My name is Patti Osterheld.  My winning story was featured on Good Morning America.  I have been interviewed by Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Woman's Day Magazine, Woman's World Magazine, and syndicated over NBC affiliates around the United States.  I enter corporate sponsored sweepstakes and win consistently.  I have been an avid sweepstaker for the past 24 years.  I have won large cash prizes of $10,000, $5,000, and 18 U.S EE Savings Bonds ranging in value from $50-$1,000.  I have won over 25 trips and cruises to places like London, Italy, Austria, Las Vegas, Toronto, Florida, and New York.  I have also won a piano, four computers, Kindles, iPads, and TV's in every size.  In addition I have won many gift cards, appliances, toys, sporting equipment, and only in sweepstaking experiences.

Everyone says I am very lucky, but I know for a fact that luck takes a lot of work.  It also takes what sweepstakes hobbyists call the "Three P's of sweepstaking":  Patience, Persistence and Postage!  A good computer with a fast internet connection is also a necessity.  You also can win by using the techniques found to be tried and true after years of experimenting.

"One last prerequisite is a
good sweepstakes newsletter"

Over the years I have subscribed to several newsletters.  I found that I liked one or two things about each newsletter, but none of them came even close to the complete, accurate and timely information I got from SWEEPSHEET®.

SWEEPSHEET® teaches you how to win.  I analyze each sweepstakes for its winability and give you suggestions on what kind of envelope to use if it is a mail-in sweepstakes and let you know if it is good bet.  I also keep up on all the changes in technology and share new methods of entering as they become available.

Today there are many ways to enter sweepstakes.  SWEEPSHEET® provides its readers with mail-in sweepstakes, thousands of online sweepstakes, sweepstakes that are restricted to limited states, game code or game piece sweepstakes, blog sweepstakes, social network sweepstakes such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and text sweepstakes on your smartphones.  SWEEPSHEET® is one stop shopping for all your sweepstaking needs with new sweepstakes being added daily.

All your sweepstakes are organized by type of sweepstakes and date posted.  You also have the ability to build folders that you name yourself to keep track of the sweepstakes you are currently entering.  Your List of Sweeps is an excellent way to organize the many sweeps you are entering in order to stay focused and enter more sweepstakes more efficiently.

It's time for you to try SWEEPSHEET® and let the wins begin!


Patti Osterheld, editor

It might be time for you to try SWEEPSHEET®.
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